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How the mobile app is becoming the healthcare advisor in your pocket.

Tim Wilson

Digital & App Marketing Manager

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Recently the SportSmart platform ( has been announced as being trialled by Government for the management of concussion in team impact sports.

Designed with the personal symptoms and feelings of the app user in mind, SportSmart allows the user to record symptoms localised to a specific body part using a body map.

SS Mobile App

In addition to further personalise for each app user , the mobile app includes an elective ratings system where the combinations and specifics of each user’s experience of their condition can be recorded and logged individually.

In recent months Sugar Rush has produced our latest iterations of our Arthritis Tracker Arthritis empowerment and management mobile app produced for Versus Arthritis, the UK’s largest Arthritis supporting charity.

In response to a consultative process with Versus Arthritis’ experienced advisors, a body map symptom map was developed, along with the feelings ratings interface, allowing feelings and personal symptom experiences to be logged and recorded against each app user’s profile and history.

VA Tracker Mobile App

Both SportSmart and Versus Arthritis confirm the benefits of facilitating healthcare decision making in the field and personal symptom logging where it is not feasible to have access to a primary healthcare provider.

Ali MacFarlane CEO of Sugar Rush said, “ We were encouraged to see another evolution of mobile self management of symptoms within a healthcare related mobile platform. Our experience with Versus Arthritis and the needs of their users has crystallised some important user experience thinking for our team and allowed us to walk a mile in the shoes of those we developed these tools for. Without this empathy and personalisation, we don’t believe that we could truly support the community that Versus Arthritis represent.”

In addition the Versus Arthritis app also provides access to a wealth of condition related medical and self-care advice and as such is widely used across a broad age group of disease sufferers.

In the most recent iterations, Sugar Rush and Versus Arthritis are determined to drill deeper into users’ app interactions and identify important insights that will further empower Arthritis sufferers to self manage their symptoms and disease.

Sugar Rush are beyond delighted to see further validation that the design decisions involved in developing the Versus Arthritis mobile app continue to prove both leading edge, archetypal and most importantly, relevant in the realm of mobile apps for healthcare.

See our Versus Arthritis Case study here.


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