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Cardiac Services

What we delivered

- UX/UI Design

- Cloud Dashboard

- iOS and Android App

Empowering Medical Professionals through Innovative Training.

The Challenge

Trained and certified Medical staff on the move.

Cardiac Services Group, is at the forefront of supplying diagnostic equipment into hospitals and medical facilities throughout Ireland, UK and Europe. Sugar Rush provided a mobile app development solution for an audience on the move by helping train and certify Clinicians with limited time to spare. Built for IOS & Android, Clinicians and Medical personnel can access vital training content relevant to diagnostic equipment which is used on a daily basis.

The Approach

Face to Face training ..thing of the past.

Built for IOS & Android devices, the mobile App provides video tutorials with bit size training content reaching bigger numbers of Medical Staff, Users can learn on the move and test their knowledge in realtime. If they successfully pass various quiz challenges, the Mobile App will create a personalised certification affirming their skill set to use life saving diagnostic equipment.

Cardiac Services - Training Categories

Saving Lives

Medical staff can instantly keep up with their vital training by reviewing the latest videos, tutorials and training tests. The App will test their skills through dedicated quiz forms, relating to the various types of diagnostic equipment.

Cardiac Services Quiza
Cardiac Future Proofing

Future Proofing

Cardiac Services have full control of publishing the latest videos and training content in realtime through a web portal dashboard. As new diagnostic equipment is released into hospitals, the Cardiac Service team can deploy life saving training directly to the App and provide instant training to Medical Staff.

Sugar Rush x Cardiac Services

Empowering Medical Professionals through Innovative Training.

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Empowering medical professionals to save lives with our innovative mobile application for cardiac services education.

The Result

First of its kind

This Mobile App is the first of its kind to be launched alongside diagnostic equipment, it provides vital realtime training for the Medical Staff as they use the life saving equipment. It is important for Cardiac Service to make sure the Clinicians that use their products on a daily basis, are proficient and highly skilled to save lives.