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Cashless payments with loyalty rewards.




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What we delivered


- Development

- iOS and Android App

Boosting business with enhanced customer experiences

The Challenge

Cashless mobile App payments triggering on location machines

Clearhill has risen to success within the entertainment sector and the pressure was on to develop a business first mobile App that transitions to a cashless revenue stream. The FunHub App provides a frictionless user experience when triggering onsite machines and retains customer loyalty with 'Fun Coin' rewards at every play. The challenge was set!

The Approach

Frictionless User experience

We created an IOS & Android Mobile App that is User Experience lead. The User journey within the App is critical to the physical customer experience onsite. Users can make cashless payments which automatically triggers onsite machines at each location. The App can trigger multi-ride machines with different price points. Winning customers can redeem vouchers to cash in prizes.

Easily locate vending locations and activate fun rides...

Clearhill has over 400 locations across the UK & Ireland and with an instant machine finder built into the Mobile App, it's easy for customers to find their nearest machine in realtime.

Helping customers find their closest machine on location

With 100's of machines located in over 400 shopping centres, the App can smartly display the nearest machine with its unique profile. User can easily select their ride and play.

Clearhill App rewards each play

Clearhill Mobile App wants to reward customers at every stage and the App displays simple matrix packages, allowing users to buy "Fun Coin" bundles. Customers can purchase experiences and redeem them for rewards, sweets, prizes and promotional items, which in turn enhance customer loyalty and retention.

The App supported a wide range of payment gateways including Google Pay, Apple Pay, Stripe and PayPal.

Clearhill App

Developing Clearhill’s digital currency

Turnover increase

The App is key to Clearhill’s strategy and scalability with their sights firmly set on expanding their product base, increasing turnover from £3 million to £7 million.

The Result

Expanding the product base within entertainment & retail space

This innovative App is the linchpin within Clearhill’s ambition and goals to disrupt and revolutionise what is a traditional industry. The system and technology developed and employed in this App forms the basis for a new suite of products, including one that will transform the gaming industry by allowing customers to watch and virtually play any machine in the UK in real-time.