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Infinite flexibility



What we delivered


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Helping therapists and carers tailor products to user needs.

The Challenge

Creating an innovative product for an innovative product designer

Leckey is a global pioneer in the research, design and development of innovative walking aids and wheelchairs for children. The challenge for us was to match their high standards of innovation by launching a digital product configurator alongside their newest brand for the US market.

The Approach

Collaboration was key

We partnered with the experienced Leckey product team to build a product configurator from the ground up.

With so many configurable components, it was critical that the software should identify each relatable variable whilst building the product visually on a smartphone and tablet screen in real time.

Over 25,000 permutations

With an infinifty configurable product, comes infinite opportunities to help customers along their journey. By building features such as Option Guides and 3D product rendering that explain allow them to visualise their chair at every step of the process.

Making it personal

With every chair tailor-made and spec’ed to perfection to provide individualised posture and comfort, we simplifed the user journey down into a series of steps allowing customers and clinicians to quickly define and switch parts with total ease.

A powerful and bespoke CMS

Our configurator product is as bespoke as the the products they make. The Leckey CMS allows users the flexibility to alter and save their build’s progress and return at a later date to complete it.


A highly adjustable platform that has enabled the healthcare equipment to be tailored, ordered and shipped to a larger worldwide customer base than ever.

The Result

A system that helps support children and carers

We’re proud to have been instrumental in the design and development of Leckey’s product configurator.

The product is a significant development for the company and its customers, providing a full customisable ordering platform within a remote setting for both clinicians and therapists, ultimately digitally transforming the lives of children with unique needs.