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Complexity made simple through collaboration



What we delivered


Making complex medical products easy

The Challenge

Making complex medical products easy

Olympus Medical Systems’ products lead the world in enabling healthcare professionals to perform endoscopic procedures.

It’s a highly competitive industry and so Olympus asked us to partner with them to deliver an innovative digital ordering platform that would enable customers to easily configure products and order from anywhere around the globe.

The Approach

Understanding user flow

Critically, we deployed user flows and project-planning to understand the 1000’s of variations and options available for each product.

We made placing orders easy by breaking down the steps required in finding and selecting products, then built advanced search and filtering options.

Our Design & Development team then set about mapping the best user experience, allowing seamless navigation through some complex medical product configurations.

Online product builder

Our decision to create an online product builder solved many issues on many levels, giving Sales Rep’s a digital marketing tool and customers access to an Olympus digital platform through mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Comparison tools

Unique comparison tools allow users to delve deeper into product details. Users can isolate and easily compare a number of products before making their selection.

Product Variations

The new platform increased sales and streamlined an over complex ordering process, in addition to providing real time data on sales preferences and stock.

Lecky case study images of the app
The Result

A market leading software system

Not only did we streamline sales, but we also created a market leading software system that allows customers to navigate relevant products and enhance their user experience through an interactive product builder.

The platform enables a flexible ordering system bespoke to Olympus and has digitally transformed their ordering process.