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App of the Year Award 2019

What we delivered


One tap access into sports adjudication across every level of competition.

The Challenge

Sports officals required!

Whistle, California, USA, tasked us with the custom build of their sports management software platform and mobile App for iOS & Android devices.

The Sugar Rush team were the design and development architects of an environment for referees to search / find games based on their metrics and location. Referees would get rated and paid quicker for each game they successfully attended.

The Approach

Digitally transforming sports adjudication process

We set out to digitally transform the current process from a traditional industry mindset to a quick and easy swipe of the screen. Along the way, we successfully overcame many barriers to entry and created a now trusted mobile App that makes life simple for referees, event organisers and respected sporting bodies

Custom built features include events posting, rating system, in-App messaging, dedicated privacy calls, filtering facility and GEO location.

The mobile App has a secure payment gateway process and background check linked to a US government database which instantly vet checks each user through the Whistle App.

Getting into the game

Our complex algorithm that best matched both organisers and officals together with games geographically convenient to them. Organisers could quickly post jobs for games and referees can find games that worked around their schedule.

Showing paper the red card

Our system digitally transformed the sports adjudication process. The unique vetting and rating feature allowed Whistle to go paper-less. Whilst our secure payment system moved them 
to digital transactions.

Tax Compliance

Many of the referees within the system have other full time jobs, with this in mind we developed a print friendly receipt system for self tax submissions.

Imahes of Whistle app for case study page
The Result

The perfect game

Developed by experts and used by experts, the Whistle App allows referees to officiate more games across more sports and get paid quicker.