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Google Analytics - Event Tracking

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What are your website users clicking on? Are you tracking specific interactions?

Some elements cannot be tracked on a website with normal Google Analytics code. Therefore, an event should be tracked any time a user clicks something that does not load a URL tracked by your analytics, e;g. a click from your site, or an interaction with an element of your site.

Other examples include:-

• PDF Downloads
• Interactions with various tools e.g. Pension calculator
• Mouse Movements
• Video Plays, pauses, volume change etc.
• Mail to as clicks
• Click aways from your website - i.e. Social Media profiles

So, how can event tracking help?

Let's pretend that you are an Insurance Company (or maybe you are)! You don't think that you are getting enough traction or conversions through your insurance quote form. What is wrong or how are your users interacting with it?

Event Tracking is the Solution!

By adding event tracking to every section of the quote form you will be able to see when users entered their details, ticked a box, or click in/out of a form field.

This information collected will clearly show where users are having the most trouble completing the form. For this example say it is the address matching function. By implementing, a new address matching function this would improve the user experience process and in return increase conversions.


For more information check out

Similar to the URL builder for campaigns in Google Analytics, ensure that you are consistent in you naming conventions so that you can easily view reports such as Category, Action & Label in a way that makes sense.


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