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Sugar Rush are announced as finalists in the 2024 Spider awards

Tim Wilson

Head of Marketing

    5 min read
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Announcement of finalists in Best App Award category in Spiders 2024

We are ecstatic to be announcing that Sugar Rush are finalists for the Best App Award category in the 2024 Spider Awards.

Now in their 27th year, these prestigious awards are, in their own words “... Ireland’s benchmark of digital excellence”

The Spiders are awarded only to the companies that demonstrate passion, innovation and true grit in a difficult economic climate.

They are a beacon of what is possible from app development and custom software, together with showcasing what good looks like and setting a benchmark to be followed by others.

The Best App criteria that needed to be fulfilled for shortlisting included: functionality, design, user experience, problem solving, innovation as well as successful adoption and key business metrics like downloads and engagement.

The vibrant and playful colour scheme of Clearhill FunHub App conceals groundbreaking innovation, ushering in exciting possibilities in the realms of retail and self-service customer experiences.

Key features of the FunHub App include the ability for users to load money into their App Wallet, which seamlessly converts into FunCoins. Users can initiate a physical Kiddie machine at the designated location, accumulate loyalty points, and receive special occasion gifts, marking pivotal aspects of the app's functionality.

Taking this concept a step further, Sugar Rush elevated the experience by introducing a proprietary digital currency derived from these reward points. This currency grants users complete cashless access to the entire FunHub ecosystem, allowing them to start machines exclusively with FunCoins and make purchases at the FunHub store funded solely by FunCoins.

In practice, this positions Clearhill at the forefront of a closed digital currency system, granting them control over issuance, valuation, and the strategic allocation of FunCoins to incentivise repeat purchases. Customers enjoy a digital wallet experience for their FunCoins, with the option to conveniently top up through card transactions.

Surprisingly this is reminiscent of the globally acclaimed Starbucks gift card digital wallet, which has amassed substantial credits, akin to a quasi-banking entity.

To seamlessly integrate our codebase with the FunHub network, collaboration with a contactless payment partner was essential. All terminals present on various machine types from kiddie rides to claw machines, facilitating comprehensive analytics of spend patterns and User behaviours, as well as full control over the rewards points system.

Our collaboration enabled the creation of a robust connection between the contactless terminals and the FunCoins points system. This breakthrough allows Clearhill customers to initiate all network machines from their apps using only FunCoins, unlocking a new level of control over spending habits and rewards.

The enchantment woven into the FunHub app is sure to captivate the imaginations of children, adding a touch of magic to the experience!


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